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Vancouver Port
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Vancouver Port: The Blooming Giant

The port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada. It plays a great function to facilitate the Canadian trade

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Federal Government And Vancouver Port

The Vancouver port has well collaborated with the federal and international governments of the country.

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Prince Rupert Port: Explained

The Prince Rupert port was built upon the completion of a grand trunk pacific railway in the year 1914.

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Canadian West Coast Ports

The shipping ports navigation is similar to the navigation of the sea. One must be aware of the best seaports according to the requirements of their business.

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Port of Vancouver and The Prince Rupert Port are the most precious and expanding seaports of the west Canadian Coast.

The West Coast Of Canada Ports And Coal Exports

When it comes to Canada’s ports, it’d be evident to say that the port is experiencing a booming growth. Since 2012, the share of Canada’s ports is inevitable and increasing, as most of its US counterparts had declined to enter in the segment. Talking about U.S. west coast segment, the market share is a surge of a fall, from handling an average of 88.4% of shipments to just 80% of them in 2012 was alarming. The figure has fallen further till date, on the other hand, Canada’s west coast shipment container work experienced a boom from 11.6 % to ravishing 14% in just a year. The shift in the percentage points towards the number of jobs as well as the scope of development for those who are seeking a career in the field.

Trade And Investment In West Coast Canada And British Columbia Shipping Industry

The trade and investment field of West Canada and British Columbia have always been in a rising state due to their smart business techniques. The country implements every possible technique to develop their business through different fields including agriculture, digital media, and marine manufacturing etc. following are some of the factors responsible for the constant growth in the trade and investment of the West Canada and British Columbia:

Canadian Government To Boost West Coast Maritime Sector

The maritime sector is a huge asset to the economy of Canada. Especially on the west coast of the country, where the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert lie, the maritime sector experiences significant importance. Understandably so, the Canadian government has made investments targeted at providing growth to the above-mentioned realm of trade. But, before diving into the government’s investments made to boost the maritime sector of the west coast, a brief account of the maritime sector itself can aid in painting a better picture of the Canadian government’s methodology and thought-process.

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British Columbia Traces Back Step On Ban On Increased Oil Shipments

At the end of the month of January, British Columbia (B.C) had proposed new rules that would temporarily block an increase in crude oil shipments via the Pacific Coast Province, adding another blockade to the planned C$7.4 billion ($6 billion), Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. British Columbia’s environment ministry had said that it is putting

Cargo, Terminals And The Port Of Vancouver

Unmatched Vehicle Transhipment "Unmatched Vehicle Transhipment" Port of Vancouver is the largest seaport in Canada which is well known for its huge contribution to the trade and investment of the Canadian west coast and British Columbia. The port has a full range of diverse services that help in expanding the trading business of the country.

Investing In Marine Transportation On West Coast Canada And British Columbia

West Coast Canada Investing InMarine Transportation The British Columbia has an efficient transportation network. The country has invested more than $3.6 billion over three years which has resulted in great development and advantage to the country. The integrated airlines, marine ports and major roads of the country make quick connections possible for the country. The