Top Canadian West Coast Ports And Harbours

"Top Canadian West Coast
Ports And Harbours"

The shipping ports navigation is similar to the navigation of the sea. One must be aware of the best seaports according to the requirements of their business and then find out their ideal inbound shipping destination. The port of Vancouver and The Prince Rupert Port are the most precious and expanding seaports of the west Canadian Coast. Both the ports play an important role in the Canadian finance trade and have a vital involvement in the business supply chain of the country. The western Canadian ports have been known for their benefits that they provide to a number of businesses running over there and help Canada to secure its place in the Asia-Pacific market.

The Vancouver port handled around 140-million metric tonnes of cargo in 2014 which was 3% more than the previous year’s criteria. The ports have trucking companies for direct services to the market so that they do not have to wait much for the rails and there is no delay in the work.

" Port of Vancouver is The
Largest Port in Canada"

Vancouver Port: The Blooming Giant

The port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada. It plays a great function to facilitate the Canadian trade through combined work with the port terminals and the tenants which ensure reliable and efficient work into all the port operation areas. It extends from the Roberts banks and Fraser River to the Burrard Inlet. The port supports more than 170 economies all around the world and has the most diverse range of cargo operating 5 major sections of business that are automobiles, break-bulk, bulk, container and the crews. 136 million tonnes of the cargos were moved through the port in the year 2016 with a total value of 200 million dollars. It is quite interesting to know that more than 95% of the total volume of the port serves the import and export market of Canada.

"Major Marine Cargo Terminals"

This port has a home for 27 major marine cargo terminals, a full range of facilities and services to the whole shipping community and three class1 rail tracks. The freshwater facilities of the seaport offer great integrated services to the forest industries and short-sea shipping jobs. The Vancouver port makes around 11.9 billion dollars in the gross domestic product in the country and provides employment to around 12 lakh people of Canada and it has 96200 jobs under it in British Columbia. This port plays an important role in the land and water security in the country and permits all the projects that are to be used on the port lands. The port is involved in the long-term economic forecasting and future plans for the improvements in the services. It is also involved in real estate management and transportation operation through shippers, trucks, and rails.

"Federal Government And
Vancouver Port"

Federal Government And Vancouver Port

The Vancouver port has well collaborated with the federal and international governments of the country. Another important seaport of the western coast of Canada is Price Rupert port which is working under CMA (Canada marine act) as an agency which is quite commercially viable. It was created on May 1 in the year 1999 and was counted amongst the 8 national ports of the country under the Canada marine act. The port provides a regular report to the transport minister and has a separate board of directors which is specially selected to resolve the local business and community figures issues. The port has many facilities including an ocean dock, a lightning dock, it has many terminals including Atlin terminal, Northlands cruise terminals, Pinnacle Pellet terminal, Fairview terminal and Ridley Terminals.

Prince Rupert Port: Explained

"The Prince Rupert Port"

The Prince Rupert port was built upon the completion of a grand trunk pacific railway in the year 1914 and is used as a great alternative to the Vancouver port which is the largest in the Canada. The port was designed as a 170 million dollars’ terminal project with a capacity of more than 5 lakh TEUs. It is mainly funded by 5 partners. The Port has a 60 million dollars input from the Maher terminals, the govt. Of Canada contributes 30 million dollars to its development, 30 million dollars were contributed by the British Columbia province, the CN rail infrastructure has a 25 million dollars’ donation and finally, it gets 25 million dollars from the main port authority. This clearly depicts how the Western coast seaports of Canada hold great importance in the development of the country business and trading processes.