Knowing The Association Of British Columbia Marine Industries

Origin Of ABCMI

"Shipbuilding Industry Emerged As One
in British Columbia"

The origin of the association dates back to the year 2006, from where the ship repair and shipbuilding industry emerged as one in British Columbia, with a view to attaining favorable upshot for the industry including the following outcomes:

  • Preparation of new curriculum for the industry comprising of entry-level training.
  • Formulation of Marine Electrician and Marine fitter trades.
  • The conception of IMTARC (Industrial Marine Training and Applied Research Centre).
  • Organizing BC Workforce Table on Ship repair and Shipbuilding.
  • Devising industry oriented extensive Human Resource Strategy
  • Preparation of brief reports on economic impact, opportunities and labor market information.

Overview Of Association

"Boosting the Industrial Marine
Sector in British Colombia"

Established with a view to boosting the industrial marine sector in British Colombia, the association of British Columbia marine industries will play an active role in representing the industrial marine sector’s interest and its supply chain.

With the global attention and outreaching capabilities, the association of British Columbia marine industries is gaining importance worldwide. It aims at creating a constructive environment for the industry and the people as a whole. The focus of the association is to achieve the prosperous surroundings for the business operations.

Vision And Mission

The association has a multi-dimensional approach and aims at achieving the goals of the industry and the people in a holistic manner.

  • Implementation of Sector Strategy:

The association combined with the confirmation from the government of British Columbia looks forward to supporting the implementation of the sector strategy in order to strengthen the British Columbia Industrial marine sector’s capabilities.

  • The Growth of Workforce:

In order to achieve the goals of the sector, the association will promote strategies and relationships to invariably enhance the substantial careers within the BC’s industrial marine sector.

  • Supply Chain Expansion:

Focusing on the development of the British Columbia’s marine supply chain, the association aims at achieving the national and international competitiveness for the industry.

  • Member Services:

The association of British Columbia marine industries aims at instituting the services and benefits for members. Meanwhile, ensuring value delivery to supports member’s steady participation in the Association.

What comes up next is the reason that inspires us to join the Association. Here is a list of some great value benefits that the members derive from being a part of the association.

The membership of the Association of British Columbia marine industries grants various benefits including:

  • Access to international marketing and trade shows with reduced cost benefit.
  • Future procurement and infrastructure opportunities for new business.
  • Knowledge pooling on challenging issues and strong training demand for the reduced delivery cost.
  • Increased employment opportunities, preferential access and facilitated funding for the government initiative.

The above-mentioned benefits are exclusively available for the members of the association of British Columbia marine industries.

Below is the list of businesses or organizations who can avail the membership benefit of the Association:

Fleet owners, shipyards, marine repair facilities, boatyards, industrial marine service companies, ocean, and marine technology companies, labor groups, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers, designers, engineers, educators, marine lawyers, naval architects, public entities, industrial development policymakers.